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“Stop Complaining and Build Our Own Civilization!”

Schools are the Beginning of a 4-Part Strategy for Christian Independence

at Work, in Church, and in the Media.

Fort Worth, TX: Christian leaders have been working to launch K-12 schools and junior colleges
on a new model of “cancel-proof Christianity.” A summit in Fort Worth on September 25 will
gather to work on the tasks before them to craft truly independent Christian education.

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, starting at noon, the CANCEL-PROOF
CHRISTIANITY team will discuss the next steps to developing Christian content across
academic disciplines. Ticketing and information available at

12:00 Introduction Conference Leaders
12:30 Career & Technical Training Judd Saul, documentary producer
1:00 Sciences and Health Fields Dr. Paul Church, physician
1:30 Literature & Languages Dr. Bobby Lopez, translator & teacher
2:00 Media & Culture Jeff Dornik, CEO of Gatekeepers
2:30 History Sam Jones, Pastor of First Hudson Baptist
4:00 Mathematics Jeff Younger, Computer Science Expert
4:30 Theology Dr. Mike Spaulding, Pastor
5:00 Government and Civics Doni Anthony, Community Activist
5:30 Keynote Speaker Jeff Younger, father of James Younger

Jeff Dornik, CEO of Gatekeepers Online, says the time for complaining about cancel culture has
expired. “What are we going to do about it?”, he asks on the landing page for He wants the gathering to be the beginning of a movement.

His team plans for this conference to be the first of four devoted to carving out a truly cancel-proof
Christian social sphere. Later meetings will deal with church, workplaces, and the media.

“We can’t secede from the US government, but we can use the freedoms that still exist to create
an independent life sphere,” Dornik writes on the homepage. “It sounds like a daunting task but
if we don’t start now, then we’ll never get it off the ground. And if not us, then who can do it?” 
Dornik is teaming up with Bobby Lopez, author of the book, Cancel-Proof Christianity, to be
unveiled at the conference on September 25.

While many Christians lament cancel culture, Dornik and Lopez reject the idea that all
cancelations are equally bad. Citing prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel, they point out that
scriptures show God casting people away or allowing them to be cast away, as a form of
judgment, discipline, providence, or correction.

“We have to stop fighting cancel culture by demanding that the people who canceled us simply
uncancel us,” Lopez argues. “Half the time we are being canceled by the wolves in sheep’s
clothing on our own side.” Citing the double threat of an “antichristian secular world” and an
“antichrist church world,” Lopez looks to the 29 th chapter of Jeremiah for answers.

“As the Israelites are being led out of Jerusalem, Jeremiah shares God’s message to His people,”
Lopez reminds readers. “He says, ‘Go into exile and live among pagans, because you’ve messed
up everything I gave you and those are my orders. But while you are there, plant your own
gardens and eat what you grow. Pray for the pagan world I am forcing you to be exiled in,
because if the pagan nation prospers, so will you. But do not be dependent on them.’”

Both Dornik and Lopez feel that Christians have done the opposite of Jeremiah’s advice. They
attack mainstream culture’s decadence, but expect easy prosperity in pagan civilization, while
encouraging dependence on the very powers that go against their faith.

Lopez laments, “for 20 years I warned that Christians were being driven out of my field in
humanities. The answer from the conservative movement was, ‘why do we need English
teachers? Can’t you go into engineering?’ They abandoned entire disciplines like history and
mathematics. Now we can’t counter critical race theory or algorithms used by Big Tech censors.”

Lopez and Dornik emphasize the importance of connecting disciplines to the skills that matter to
Christian employers, Christian church communities, and Christian cultural producers. They aim
for an all-fronts movement liberating schools, workplaces, churches, and culture simultaneously
from dependence on the clientele and authorities who have the power to silence Christians.

The conference will begin with the assumption that all disciplines are important. People who
register for this working summit will be sent location and more background info close to
the summit date. Tickets can be purchased at

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