President Trump Knocks SOTU Out of the Park

President Trump literally knocked the State of the Union address out of the park tonight.

He has won reelection in 2020, and the Democrats do not even realize it yet. Trump strategically spoke to his base this evening. Targeting abortion, immigration, antisemitism, and a strong America, he hit a home run.

No President has ever won the Presidency without the Catholic vote, and the President will be no different in 2020 with his strong anti-abortion stance.

He also reached out with angel moms in attendance focusing on immigration reform, border security, walls, barriers, and stopping crime. Included in the President’s speech were drug cartels, illegal drugs, and sex traffickers.

The Democrats followed suit of the last address and refused to stand for such things as murdering babies up until birth, legal immigration, among other things.

Watch Speaker Pelosi here refuse to stand when the President says,
“African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded.”

You can watch the Democrats below when President Trump asks Congress to pass a bill outlawing late term abortions and murdering children. They didn’t even cheer for this America, it’s sickening.

The President again took the fight to high prescription drug prices, and spoke of how it was hurting Americans.

Trump was able to even bring both sides together with this jaw dropper.

I’m predicting it now, this speech was a home run for President Trump’s base. He’s already won reelection, and the Democrats don’t even realize it.

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