President Trump: ‘He Died Like a Coward’ ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Confirmed Dead

President Trump came on around 9:20 AM EST to address the nation, and he confirmed what our team at The DC Patriot was first to report, the ISIS leader is dead.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by a United States Military Special Forces raid.

According to the President, al-Baghdadi ‘died like a coward, whimpering and crying and the end of a tunnel.”

Baghdadi was a brutal leader of the terrorist regime, including burning a captured Jordanian Pilot alive in a cage, murdering thousands of Christians, and several journalists.

Baghdadi took three of his children with him and ended up at the end of a dead end tunnel. When he realized US Special Forces were close, he detonated his vest, killing himself and his three children the President confirmed.

He died like a dog, like a coward,” President Trump stated.

Many ISIS fighters were killed in the raid, and American forces had no losses on the raid. One of the K9 Military dogs was injured in the raid, and we send our heartfelt prayers to he and his handlers.

What a great day to be an American!

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