President Trump Fires Back, Defends Kellyanne Conway

The sharks are swarming following a demand by the politicized Justice Department for President Trump to fire Kellyanne Conway for saying mean things about 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

According to the Office Of Special Counsel, Conway’s criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden, socialist crank Bernie Sanders and Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker was a big no-no and the media was ready to pounce on the latest ginned-up scandal even if millions of Americans are experiencing Trump Derangement Syndrome fatigue.

Following the calls for the senior adviser’s head, the White House quickly responded with an official statement that decried the “weaponizing” of the archaic and selectively enforced law for an “unprecedented” attack on her First Amendment rights.

President Trump then followed up a defense of Conway flung directly into the faces of the gasping outrage mob: “I’m not going to fire her”.

Then for an exclamation point on the left’s call to take away Conway’s free speech; The POTUS slammed it home with these five words:


He also added that “I think she’s a terrific person. She’s a tremendous spokesperson,”as he once again dashed the hopes of the resistance for a cheap score in the political Game Of Thrones.

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