President Trump Declares National Emergency to Build The Wall

It’s official, President Trump is declaring a National Emergency to build the border wall.

The President in the rose garden Friday morning told members of his cabinet, angel moms, and the press.

The President will be doing what he told his voters he would do, doing anything it takes to build the wall. He’s keeping his word on that promise by signing the bill to take almost $1.4 Billion to get going on 55 miles of wall, and will declare a National Emergency to get funds to complete the rest of the wall.

The Trump administration has stated they have found what they believe to be $8 Billion available to him in other areas to shit to the southern border for the wall.

Senator Lindsey Graham, among others backs the President in declaring a National Emergency to get the wall built.

Yesterday GOP Congressional Members Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, among others sent the President a wall backing him and urging him to use Title X to declare emergency powers to get the wall built.

The democrats as the President eluded to will no doubt sue. As long as the courts go by the constitution, which is what they’re supposed to do. Trump will win this 10/10 every time.

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