President Trump Backed Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Releases POWERFUL Christ-Centered Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

By now most of you know that Kari Lake is a major fan of President Donald J. Trump. She’s also got the support of America’s most popular Governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis as both have came to Arizona to campaign for her.

In her latest campaign ad, Lake has put out a video that is Christ-Centered and discusses her faith more in the process. She talks about how poor her family was growing up, living in the country, and her close moment with God.

“During that time when I lived out in the country, I remember having a really tight close moment with God. I saw a plane flying up over, and it was really tiny. And I thought to myself, someday I’m gonna be on a plane doing something. And I had this – this God moment where it was almost like God said to me, ‘You are going to be on a plane, you’re going to go places, you’re gonna do something big.”

Kari tittle the ad “My Story” and said Ronald Reagan was a hero to her. She even said that Reagan inspired her to register as a Republican when she was 18-years-old.

You can watch the remarkable and touching campaign ad below:


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Kari Lake, Republican candidate for Governor of Arizona, in this latest campaign ad, shares her story.
In Kari Lake’s own words:
“I’ve shared a lot of stories with you over the last few decades, but I never shared mine.

Join me on my journey: “


God bless you today and always, in Jesus’ name!

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