President Trump Awarded 9th Degree Blackbelt in TaiKwonDo by South Korean GrandMaster

Donald Trump can now add something else to his impressive resume. He is now the first current or former American President to receive one of the highest Honors that can be presented by Koreans: An elite level blackbelt in TaeKwonDo.

The head of South Korea’s Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo organization flew into the United States and presented a 9th degree blackbelt to the 45th President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

TaeKwonDo is widely practiced in both North and South Korea, including by the military. It’s one of the commonalities that bring the two Koreas together.

The South Korea-based Kukkiwon TaeKwonDo headquarters has helped arrange past visits to the U.S. and demonstrations by the North Korean demonstration team.

The last major international figure to be awarded a very high-ranking honorary blackbelt was the Pope, who received a tenth degree blackbelt in 2017.

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