President Trump: ‘A New Republican Star is Born’ in Stefanik

President Trump announced this week that a “New Republican Star is Born” on social media. As usual, the President is right.

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff did everything he could do to keep New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik from speaking, but it didn’t work out.

“A New Republican Star is Born. Great Going.” President Trump Tweeted.

Check out Congresswoman Stefanik on Sean Hannity with Congressman Minority Whip Steve Scalise last night.

It’s amazing to see new female starts in the conservative party, Congresswoman Stefanik is a breath of fresh air America. We need more just like her to turn the tide in this corrupt Republic.

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3 years ago

Republicans and their soviet talking points are mute…y’all are compromised. Putin wins again. You should apologize for spreading your conspiracy theories to the Rich family. You Brother Christian are a true hypocrite!! #BeBest!

Sylvia Bauer
Sylvia Bauer
3 years ago

I couldn’t let that cretin Steven be your only comment. (What a putz he is.) Thanks so much for highlighting the really fantastic job Stefanik did in the hearings. Man, did I notice her! She drilled right in with her on-point questions and couldn’t be distracted. What a gal! I’m looking forward to seeing whatever she does to build her conservative bona fides. I’m on her team! The POTUS team –The WINNING TEAM!!


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