President Biden Falls Asleep at Nephew’s Wedding, Wakes Up and Demands a Sandwich

This might be the craziest story you’ve heard about Joe Biden to date, and it happened about a week ago.

According to conservative influencer and Navy Intel Officer Jack Posobiec, President Joe Biden allegedly fell asleep at his nephew’s wedding with his “chin to chest.” After someone woke him up, Biden then demanded a sandwich from Capriotti’s.

“Biden fell completely asleep ‘chin-to-chest’ at his nephew’s wedding on Monday and when staff woke him up he would only eat a sandwich from Capriotti’s, per Pennsylvania worker at the event,” Posobiec reported.

“Asleep thru entire ceremony, and kept nodding off during reception,” the source told Posobiec. “Jill takes a stern, caretaker tone with him when he’s groggy. He decided he wasn’t going to eat what the chef had prepared and only wanted capriottis.”

What are your thoughts America, do you believe the story?

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10 months ago

Biden is President by proxy. Obama is the real President behind the scenes. He calls the shots, illegally of course. But that’s how he rolls. Crooked to the bone. Anti-American, racist, and a communist at heart secretly. All liberals are crap. I’d just as soon secede and go our on way. If libs don’t like it, then they can steer the war, but we will finish it.