President Biden Addresses Horrific Tornadoes That Hit 6 States Late Friday Night (VIDEO) Says ‘We’re Gonna Get Through This Together’ and ‘We’re All Americans’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has finally made a statement on the horrific tornadoes that ripped through six states late Friday night, leaving a wake of destruction. Nearly 100 dead, hundreds injured, thousands without power and homeless.

Biden: “I want folks in all these states to know we’re going to get through this. We’re going to get through this together and the federal government is not going to walk away. This is one of those times where we aren’t Democrats or Republicans

You can watch the videos below.

Biden: The real anxiety right now is all those poor people who are wondering where is my loved one. Where are they? Are they going to be ok? I don’t think it’s possible to exaggerate the extent of the fear and the concern

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