Presidency for Sale: How Corrupt Officials, Corporations, and China Now Own the Country

Whether you’ve been paying attention to politics or not, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore what’s happening to our country…the United States government has been absolutely compromised and taken over by corporations, Big Pharma lobbyists, and foreign interest. In particular China and global investment firms like Black Rock, who stand to make lots of money with China to the heavy detriment of America itself. What started off flippant online censorship, suspension of vocal conservative accounts, and hired fake “fact checkers” to control the newsfeeds….has turned into “everyone that questions the election or thinks this vaccine is bad is a domestic terrorist.” I was in shock the first time I saw that Homeland Security bulletin saying declaring that I was a terrorist:

…and sure enough within days I had friends and peers getting rolled up at the airport and put through screening after screening until every single one had missed their flight. Their crime? They were all conservative reporters, bloggers, or their crew who “dared” to question the most suspicious election of our lives and if this vaccine really works. I lost my 250k+ verified Twitter account for posting proof of election fraud, and I’m currently suspended off Facebook for pointing out that the new Homeland Security Bill wanted to mandate vaccines for covid and “other purposes.”What other purposes? And why aren’t we allowed to ask?

Then it got worse, as Biden handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban with BILLION dollars of weapons, vehicles, and aircrafts….Americans started to wake up. Why the hell would he do that?

It can’t be incompetence because he’s got a whole team around him (made up almost entirely of corporate executive honchos.) Then you find out that China was holding meetings with the Taliban over mining contracts for their TRILLIONS in rare earth metals needed for their electronics, and it all starts to make sense…

Would a supposed American president be willing to dishonor the lives of all the servicemen and the billions tax payers spent fought the war on terror….just to make money in China? Well yes, yes he would. Biden’s degenerate, hooker-banging, crackhead son was given a BILLION dollars by China to start his own “investment fund” because you know, he’s such a business genius and all. But I think it’s a lot worse than just making money ripping off the American economy, I really do. Let’s not forget why we’re in this position in the first place. Rand Paul (who is a doctor himself) grilled Fauci in Congress on why he illegally signed off on the funding to create a killer human virus using our own damn tax money, with a foreign enemy like China. (If you look it up, fact checkers will claim there’s “no proof” of that “gain of function” research, but Fauci’s own emails 100% show that’s what it was.) There’s absolutely no beneficial reason I can think of to manipulate a bat virus to attack and kill humans that doesn’t involve some kind of evil shit. What’s it helping? What if it got out? What stops someone from using it to hold the whole world over a barrel to either a) kill them outright b) make them too scared to come out of their houses and destroy their own economies or c) force them to take a cure that’s sure to have strings attached. The only reason Fauci isn’t getting water boarded in Gitmo right now, is because this entire illegitimate regime is in on it. As we speak Biden is breaking records in installing judges….they’re all radical leftists, and controlled-opposition sell outs like Lindsay Graham are confirming each and every one. By the way, none of what I’ve said so far is a “conspiracy theory” …it is all verifiably true, and as you can see I’ve referenced everything with links. So what stops a populous from rising up and speaking out against this corrupt administration and political coup?

Congress sent out letters recently to every single major social media platform and telephone company, demanding information from ANYONE who has questioned the validity of this last election.

That’s right, the same people who screamed “Russia Russia Russia” over a dossier that was faked to spy on Trump, are now considering anyone that questions the most suspicious, non-transparent election of our times as an enemy of the state now. If I’m wrong about election fraud, then prove me wrong…don’t just suspend me off Twitter and censor me on Facebook and not answer any of the glaring questions and inconsistencies that occurred. Why did they cover up the windows with cardboard so poll watchers couldn’t observe? Why are they on video hiding ballots and then pulling them out after sending everyone home and running them through 2-3 times? Why has my own Nevada SOS admitted thousands of illegals voted but refused to look into it because she doesn’t think it’s a problem? How did so many dead people vote? Why are thousands of Maricopa ballots printed on fake paper? Why don’t they all have individual serial numbers on them? Why were 82% of 2020 voters deleted off the rolls without explanation in Douglas County? Why did every “glitch” that switched votes on live TV only benefit Biden? Why did Dominion say the machines couldn’t be hooked up to the internet when they have Chinese modems in them? Why aren’t we allowed to ask these questions and why aren’t we being given any answers?! Innocent people don’t fight audits and refuse to hand in routers that are supposed to exonerate them…unless that evidence wouldn’t. This Afghanistan catastrophe that has already cost the lives of 13 service members and their countless allies, has everyone questioning….are these people *really* supposed to be in charge of the country?

Now the Office of Naval Intelligence has decided to send out notices “reminding” not only active duty members…but reserved and retired veterans that they are not supposed to ever have a negative opinion on the commander in chief or his administration, no matter how bad it gets.

While I have heard that officers in particular aren’t allowed to be overly political and critical of the president…I have NEVER seen the military care or go after what their veterans say or do like this. As you can see, they also throw veiled threats at citizens for speaking out, saying we should be overly critical because the ONI will look bad. Go f- yourselves, commies. Funny how none of that applied or was enforced when people were saying all that awful shit about Trump. I can only imagine how fast I’d be in jail if I posed with Biden’s fake severed head for a photo op like Kathy Griffin did. Trump wasn’t supposed to win, they hate him because he broke up their sweet gravy train of ripping off tax payers blind. Remember the Stimulus Bill? They knew we’d be looking through it and they put in millions for gender study programs in Pakistan and money for all their liberal pet projects…they didn’t even care if it was ridiculous and obvious money laundering, this is just what they do.

Back to this “vaccine” their shoving down our throats without any science behind it. These people *really* expect the public to inject an untested, experimental mRNA substance that’s had ZERO long term studies done, no generational side effect studies, and not even that promising short term studies into my body? It doesn’t even stop covid, and the best they can muster is that it’s the unvaccinated’s fault? How? In what universe? The worst breakouts seem to be in heavily vaccinated places…like Isreal, super-liberal Massachusetts, and this 100% vaccinated cruise ship.

What’s in this vaccine that they want everyone to risk taking it….whether they’re children, whether they’re pregnant, have natural immunity, or religious or consciousness objection? Why is the news and all these social media “fact checkers” deeming it “safe” when it’s injured and killed more people than all the other vaccines in the last 2 decades combined?

20 service members died of covid in all of 2020 (or the flu, who knows because the CDC quietly admitted the tests can’t tell) but you want to risk their lives taking this vaccine that kills more people than that a day? It was only 20 years ago you injured 25-35% of our Gulf War troops with the failed Anthrax vaccine….which by the way, guess who made that? The exact same company and people that’s making AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine right now. Sounds super safe alright. 👌🏻 Then you have the battle cries from the ill-informed that it’s “FDA approved” so it’s safe now! Oh get the hell outta here, they 1) still have no long term studies 2) didn’t follow their own protocols in approving it 3) the FDA approved dangerous products all the time and has to recall them, can we talk about the asbestos they had in baby powder? and 5) the FDA couldn’t be in bed deeper with Big Pharma if they tried, literally:

So what do I think is really going on as someone that does nothing but research data and write articles all day? I think Trump rushed them to make a vaccine not knowing at the time it was Fauci, China, and Big Pharma that was behind the making of the virus in the first place. Since they didn’t know which one would work they threw out multiple brands and versions to test on the public (every single vaccine manufacturer is owned by Black Rock so it really doesn’t matter which one “wins.”) Black Rock also owns most of our media and too level key government officials, so they blitzed it out as fast as they could before people realized the debilitating side effects, that it doesn’t stop covid, and the what the reason was they made the virus in the first place. And now since the wool’s come off people’s eyes….these corrupt powers that be intend to up the censorship, use people’s jobs and corporations to force them to vaccinate, all the while punitively going after anyone that tries to speak out by labeling them as “domestic terrorists.” Think about this, if covid is so deadly…why hasn’t our homeless population been decimated? Why aren’t they lining them up for shots, or the illegals at the border, or these Afghan refugees they’ve got coming in? But they want our doctors, nurses, pilots, and military to get them? Hmmm, if you wanted to take down a country…wouldn’t you start with the most integral occupations first? If these legislators are truly doing this for our own good and “public safety” ….then why don’t they follow their own mandates? Gavin Newsom, Obama, Pelosi….they all throw ritzy, maskless parties and get-togethers….but the rest of us plebes better stay muzzled while we fetch them a drink.

So what’s really in this vaccine, and why do they want us to take it so bad? This is where the actual conspiracy theories come into play because it has become pretty clear the government, the media, and these fake fact checkers are definitely hiding something….but what? If you turn off the TV, get off Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and start digging elsewhere, you’ll endless amounts of doctors emphatically speaking out against it. Did you know that if someone takes the shot and dies the next day that the CDC doesn’t consider it a vaccine death? In fact, they don’t consider anyone that dies within two weeks of getting the vaccine as a vaccine death because they’re claiming “it hasn’t had a chance to work yet.”

Naturally anything after that they consider too far out to show “causality.” Think of how many deaths aren’t being counted and STILL the death numbers are higher than any other vaccine.

So why does the media and this administration want you to take it so bad without question? Simple, we are under attack…we are at war with China and we don’t even know it. Big Pharma, Fauci, and China created this virus to destroy our country….and any other country who’s economy and freedom was in competition with them like Australia, the UK, or Canada. Think about it, that was the original excuse to take away our rights, destroy our jobs and economies, and get us used to being compliant to the no questions asked subservience needed for globalization and forced socialism. They’re open about their plans too, you can read about the “Great Reset” and “Agenda 21” for yourself….they don’t believe we’re responsible enough to take care of ourselves or the planet. Clearly the problem isn’t China dumping plastic into their rivers, Japan leeching radiation into the sea, or barges of oil belching filth in the air when we have oil here….no, clearly the problem is me and my straw. They also couldn’t have us figuring out what the hell they were doing, so they forced us to wear masks that don’t work absolutely everywhere, avoid seeing and talking to each other at social gatherings, and massively censoring everything online in between. They only wear masks when the cameras are on, but us peasants must wear them for eternity because “we’re all in this together” you know.

It’s also becoming clearer and clearer that this vaccine doesn’t prevent the virus, so what the hell is in it? If you get on any search engine that’s isn’t Google or a try free speech app like GAB, you’ll see multitudes of doctors speaking out against this vaccine and all the damage it’s doing. Watch this doctor explain how these toxic spike proteins are leaving the site of injection and showing up in organs throughout the body here: Learn how this man with a background in nuclear biology and chemical weapons explains how everything he’s researched and looking at is showing that it’s a bonafide bioweapon: See this former Pfizer doctor explain how toxic metal graphene particles are showing up in blood slides of the vaccinated here:

The spike proteins themselves are toxic, doctors are already seeing influxes of normally rare, debilitating autoimmune diseases like Guille-Barre (which is what the swine flu vaccine was pulled for after 500 cases and 32 deaths.) Watch this video below and tell me what they did in 1976 isn’t exactly what they’re doing now:

Remember, these vaccines came with ingredient lists that were left completely blank. If you want to know what at least one of the secret ingredients is…it’s graphene oxide nanoparticles. They are toxic to the human body as well, and is what’s likely the cause behind not only all these strange, deadly micro-blood clots….but this strange magnetism people are experiencing as well. That’s no “conspiracy theory” either…aside from the endless amount of TikTok videos of people experiencing magnetism after their shot, it’s been reported on VAERS itself. Watch this horrifying video of someone who was magnetized and originally thought it was funny, and is now experiencing horrendous and paralyzing side effects:

And just in case you needed more confirmation, 1.6 million doses of Moderna was just recalled in Japan because metallic, magnetic particles were being found in the vials.

What does graphene oxide do and why would the hell would they put it in there? That’s where the “conspiracy theories” come in because unless some secret document gets released….we honestly don’t know, I just know it can’t be good. It’s toxic to the human body as our most metals for one thing. It’s a good conductor that can be heated up and manipulated using frequencies….so yes, in theory someone could use it to send biometric data, track them, and even just could flick on a high frequency switch and microwave you from the inside out. Here’s a study that was using a similar (the same?) substance it to control the behavior of mice by using frequencies to aggravate the magnetic metal in their brains to release dopamine….and it actually worked. Sound crazily irresponsible and dangerous? Keep in mind these are the same kind of scientists that had no problem manipulating a bat virus to kill you. The government’s been doing something similar for decades trying to manipulate the weather by dumping aluminum nanoparticles into the sky using airplanes and frequencies that will cause them to heat up the air using 5G (ah, now you know why Trump didn’t want China in charge of our grid.) Look, not every plane in the sky is a “chemtrail” but these experiments did occur, still occur, and scientists have gone up in planes to collect data and everything to prove it multiple times. It was a full length documentary made 10 years ago that you can watch right here:

Good news/bad news….I dint think there’s not much you can do about the spike proteins, it’s looking like they’re designed to make you sick and keep you sick by needing “boosters” because your immune system is going too shot to defend itself. You can only not get your second shot at this point, or not get the boosters and try to stay as healthy as possible until we figure out what the hell is going on with these things. Theoretically though, there should be ways to clean this metal out of your blood mostly because it’s heavily magnetic and therapies already exist to filter out blood issues….but I’m not a doctor and I’m not going to pretend to be, I’m just a research journalist trying to offer possible solutions. The other thing you have to worry about is our food supply. Bill Gates is the largest farm owner in this country now and China’s not far behind….forgive me if I don’t trust the country currently trying to kill us and the guy that thinks there’s too many people on the planet with the safety of my food. Videos are already popping up of people finding their meat or coffee magnetized.

Buckle up buttercups, these people are monsters and it’s only going to get worse from here as they panic. They might have control of the government…but we have the numbers, and it terrifies them. They have stripped us of our freedom, indoctrinated our children with hate, poisoned our bodies, and unashamedly stole an entire election to make it all happen. I don’t want you to believe anything I’ve said, I want you to research it yourself, watch the links I posted, and come to your own conclusions. All we can do as Americans at this point is to ignore the divisiveness and hate the media wants us to have toward eachother…and look toward the real enemy. After Trump had made it illegal, Biden put Huwei, a Chinese military intelligence company in charge of making our chips….they don’t even have to hack anything anymore, because they’ll already have access to it. They didn’t have send over missiles and bombs….we were bought out. Our land, our companies, our politicians, our federal agencies….nothing the Biden administration has done has actually helped Americans. We’ve been completely taken over, and most people haven’t realized it yet because social media and the media run defense to it all. I hope this country wakes up in time, when people ask how you “let” the Holocaust happen….it doesn’t happen overnight. It seeps in slowly while every bit of information is controlled, and the only thing people here and see is the propaganda they want you to. This new measure where Congress wants access to our private messages and texts across the board is where we as Americans must hold the line. The FBI has already reluctantly admitted there was no real planned “insurrection” on January 6th, and they’ve been dropping cases because they know they either can’t prove it….or they’d have to show the 14k hours of security footage of cops letting people in in it goes to trial. As someone who was there and got my own FBI visit for it…let me tell you, January 6th was hyped out of proportion to 1) blame Trump 2) prevent another massive protest against an insanely corrupt congress and election and 3) have an “excuse” not to do the audit that half a million people showed up there to demand. Speaking of, Maricopa County has done everything in the world to hold the most transparent, complete (minus the routers they illegally refuse to hand over for obvious reason) forensic election ever. They have to, because they know the scrutiny it will be under and the importance of proving it. Don’t take the vaccine no matter what they do, don’t patronize places that demand vaccine passports, go to every town hall meeting your county has, protest like crazy, and demand an audit of all 50 states! It’s the only way we can save this country through legislation and not through civil war at this point, I truly believe we can do it if we stand together. HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS🇺🇸

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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Thoth al Khem
Thoth al Khem
1 year ago

LOVE YOU MINDY……You have more guts (BALLS) than PUSSIFIED American so called MEN.

Melanie Klein
Melanie Klein
1 year ago

Thank you! THANK YOU!! Thank you!!


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