POWERFUL Message from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano ~ “We Must Unite To Stop the New World Order/Great Reset” [VIDEO INSIDE]

World renowned archbishop confronts the New World Order.

This courageous man is the #1 religious whistleblower in the world. First he exposed financial corruption in the Vatican. Then he exposed systematic, organized and protected child abuse in the Vatican.

Next he exposes how the Vatican is at the heart of the satanic New World Order. When the world came under attack in 2020, archbishop Vigano rose to the forefront of the awakening army worldwide. He sent a revealing letter to President Trump, in which he warned for the plan of the globalist tyrants to create a worldwide dictatorship, under the guise of health emergencies.

This letter was absolutely brilliantly written and testified of a remarkably bright and educated mind, inspired by a good, caring heart.

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Archbishop Vigano also released a historic warning to humanity, which was signed by hundreds of leading scholars, scientists, lawyers, journalists, and religious authorities. In this “Appeal to the Church and the World” Vigano outlines the grave dangers of the New World Order that is being installed.

Letters to Trump: https://therealtruthnetworkcom.wordpress.com/2020/10/30/letter-to-potus/

Source of Video: https://stopworldcontrol.com

Watch the Powerful Video Below:

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