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Polls Show Elizabeth Warren Losing Her Home State Tuesday

Things are not looking good for the Democratic presidential candidate who falsely claimed to be Native American for decades.

Pocahontas as President Trump refers to Senator Elizabeth Warren is not polling well in her home state of Massachusetts.

The following is from Breitbart:

Well, according to the polling coming out of Massachusetts, everyone’s favorite fake Cherokee, the serial-lying Warren, is down by a few points in her home state to Jurassic Marxist — and Massachusetts goes to the polls in just four days.

Since February 12, there have been three polls out of Massachusetts,  and all three *teehee* show Warren losing. The first two have her down by only one and two points, but the most recent one has her down by eight.

The RealClearPolitics average in the poll of polls has Sanders in first place at 23.7 percent — a 3.7-point lead over Lieawatha, who sits at just 20 points. Mean Little Mayor Pete Buttigieg (14.3), Burisma Joe Biden (11.7), and Mini Mike Bloomberg (11.3) are all trailing.

The best case scenario for Warren is that she squeaks out a win, but when you’re talking about your own state, a squeaker is not a win; it’s a humiliation. Just ask Marco Rubio about that.

Do you think that Elizabeth Warren will lose her home state of Massachusetts?

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