POLL: CNN’s Jake Tapper Voted Least Trusted Journalist in America

The votes have been counted and a winner has been crowned as the least trusted journalist in America and to nobody’s surprise, the honoree is employed at CNN.

Give a big shout out to anchor Jake Tapper who walked away with this dubious honor, easily clobbering his co-worker Don Lemon in the latest poll survey by Morning Consult in conjunction with The Hollywood Reporter.

The extensive poll queried viewers for their input on a myriad of topics regarding their news habits as well as their perceptions of those who deliver the news and Tapper pulled a whopping 35 percent who responded that they trust him “not much” or “not at all.”

A Morning Consult poll shows CNN’s Jake Tapper is the most mistrusted journalist in America.

The poll surveyed 2,206 adults, has a margin of error of plus or minus two percent, and asked a number of questions about the news media in general and 50 specific American media personalities specifically.

When asked “How much do you trust the following” media personality, 35 percent said of Tapper “not much” or “not at all.” This high level of mistrust for Tapper placed the left-wing CNN anchor in tenth place on a list of the most mistrusted media personalities.

What is notable, though, is that Tapper is only so-called “journalist” on that top ten list.

You can read the full article from our friends at ILoveMyFreedom.org

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