POLL: 91% Of People Want Colin Kaepernick To Stay Out Of The NFL

It doesn’t seem like most football fans, or Americans in general like Colin Kaepernick, or as we like to refer to him at The DC Patriot, “Captain Take a Knee.”

It also seems like lots of people want Colin Kaepernick to stay far away from the NFL.

It was reported Tuesday the league scheduled a workout for the disgraced former 49ers quarterback, and all 32 teams are invited on Saturday in Atlanta.

In response to the major development, I asked people on Twitter if a team should take a chance and sign him. The results were overwhelming.

Of the 2,487 voters, 91% said a team shouldn’t touch him.

This poll right here is the only thing NFL executives need to see in order to know that Kaepernick has no business playing again.

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