PLOT TWIST: U.S. Under Secretary of State Says Washington working with Ukraine to Prevent Biological Research Facilities From Falling into Russian Hands (VIDEO)

It took just a few short days time for the United States government to admit that all of the conspiracy theories about U.S. funded biolabs in the Ukraine we’re true, and the Russians were targeting them.

U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland says Washington is working with Ukraine to prevent biological research facilities from falling into Russian hands. She just confirmed every conspiracy theory about the existence of those labs.

That’s right, all our government does is lie to the American people. Why have these labs outside of America unless what they’re working on is illegal in America.

It was just a few days ago that the lying scumbags and fact checkers of big tech and the mainstream media were telling you this was fake news and a conspiracy theory.

If what we were doing in these labs was purely “threat reduction”, why would we be nervous about Russia obtaining this research?

Exactly. Because in order to study the bioweapon to mitigate it, these labs had to CREATE the weapons first.

That’s what GAIN OF FUNCTION means…

China also speaking on the Russian military findings in Ukraine, and demanding transparency on these US labs worldwide.

“The US use these facilities to conduct military plans”.

The other 2 world superpowers are accusing the US of biological warfare 👀

So what does all of this mean? it means the mainstream media as you know it is nothing more than State run propaganda media like in North Korea or Iran. We are in sad sad times folks, question and challenge everything from thus corrupt government and regime.

We’re in big big trouble America. Say some prayers for our nation tonight.

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Sheila Sure
Sheila Sure
1 year ago

Too late Putin already destroyed them NA NA

1 year ago

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