PLOT TWIST: Ted Lieu Reverses Course, States Natural Immunity is Better Than Covid-19 Vaccine

Well Hell has officially frozen over, because I agree with Congressman Ted Lieu of California. Something that I’m not sure I thought would ever happen in my lifetime. However when someone gets it right, as conservatives we have to stop being whiney and petulant like liberals, and give kudos where they are do.

Congressman Ted Lieu today completely reversed course of his “Vaccine Only” mentality and went on the attack backing Natural Immunity in a barrage of tweets on Twitter, that not only make sense, are backed up with new CDC data.

With the rapid decline of Omicron, pandemic restrictions will be lifted sooner rather than later. In considering when to do so, health officials must factor in natural immunity, not just vaccination rates. This CDC chart recognizes natural immunity and so should health officials.

It was so stunning, I added the following on my GETTR account.

Lieu continued as people tried to attack him for his views, and unlike the Lieu of old, he was using straight facts and the CDC’s own data which now contradicts everything you’ve been told the last two years.

COVID vaccinations aren’t permanent either. The CDC chart shows a person who recovered from COVID is somewhat better protected than a person who never got COVID but was vaccinated.

We don’t really know for the same reason we don’t really know how long vaccines last. This virus is new. But what we do know is that according to the CDC, people who recovered from COVID are somewhat better protected than people who never got COVID but are vaxxed.

Yes there may be another variant. My main point is that if health officials consider vaccination rates in their decisions, then it is illogical not to consider natural immunity based on the CDC’s own data.

We don’t know if natural immunity is long lasting, just like we don’t know if the vaccinations are long lasting. But what the CDC data shows is that people who recovered from COVID are somewhat better protected from reinfection than people who never got COVID but got vaccinated.

I have no idea what the Chamber of Commerce’s position is on natural immunity. I’m simply applying logic to the CDC’s own data.

Again, I’m not sure if Hell has frozen over, but Ted Lieu is either awake, or he’s trying to get ahead of the storm that’s coming from information on these vaccines.

What are your thoughts America?

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