People Should Drink Less Coffee to Combat Climate Change New Study Says

Of course this study came from the weak liberals up north in Canada, what else is new. Canadian researchers who apparently analyzed coffee’s “contributions to climate change” in a piece published back in early January now suggest people drink less to help combat climate change.

Quick, Someone hit me with a tack hammer, so I really have to keep writing this?

Researchers Luciano Rodrigues Viana, Charles Marty, Jean-François Boucher and Pierre-Luc Dessureault wrote in an analysis published in The Conversation that pollution from preparing coffee was “just the tip of the iceberg.”

“Limiting your contribution to climate change requires an adapted diet, and coffee is no exception. Choosing a mode of coffee preparation that emits less GHGs (greenhouse gases) and moderating your consumption are part of the solution,” the researchers at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi wrote. 

The study also says that using coffee pods to brew coffee contributed to less carbon footprint than brewing coffee with a traditional filter. Note to self, keep brewing big assed pots after big assed pots. Duly noted.

“Our analysis clearly showed that traditional filter coffee has the highest carbon footprint, mainly because a greater quantity of coffee powder is used to produce the amount of coffee. This process also consumes more electricity to heat the water and keep it warm,” the researchers wrote. 

The researchers apparently compared brewing coffee pods, brewing it the old traditional way in a coffee maker like men do, and brewing it in a French press, as well as instant coffee.

“Our analysis clearly showed that traditional filter coffee has the highest carbon footprint, mainly because a greater quantity of coffee powder is used to produce the amount of coffee. This process also consumes more electricity to heat the water and keep it warm,” the researchers wrote. 

They found that instant coffee was the most environmentally sound. 

Because everyone loves instant coffee, said no one ever.

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Coffee production contributed more to total emissions than coffee preparation, according to the analysis. 

“This mechanization, irrigation and use of nitrous oxide-emitting fertilizers — the production of which requires large quantities of natural gas — greatly contribute to coffee’s carbon footprint,” the researchers said. 

Studies released last year found that drinking one to two cups of coffee a day may benefit heart health. 

The American College of Cardiology found in a study released in March 2022 that coffee was associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms. 

So this study says its bad for the climate, while the American College of Cardiology says its’ good for your heart. These people are insane.

Thanks to our friends at The New York Post for contributing to this article.

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