Pentagon Awards Near $1 Billion in Border Wall Contracts

More winning news for President Trump and his administration today as the Pentagon announced they’ve awarded over $1 Billion in wall contracts. The Wall is being built.

According to the New York Post, The Pentagon said Tuesday it has awarded nearly $1 billion in contracts to two companies for President Trump’s border wall — the first funds granted to build the barrier since Trump declared a national emergency in February.

SLSCO Ltd. was awarded a $789 million contract for “border-replacement wall construction,” which will be done in Santa Teresa, NM.

The work is expected to be completed in October 2020, according to a list of contracts published by the US Department of Defense.

In addition, Barnard Construction Co. Inc., a Montana-based company, was awarded a $187 million contract for a wall replacement project in Yuma, Ariz. That work is expected to be finished in September 2020, according to records.

This is another big win for not only the Trump administration but the American voters who asked for the wall to be built.

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