Pennsylvania School District Bans CNN from Classrooms with 5-4 Vote

A Pennsylvania School Board has pulled the proverbial plug on daily broadcasts of CNN 10 to middle school students, and the television will be shut off in the classrooms unless students, teachers, and or administrators want them to watch the broadcast or videos on topics like Veterans Day, or Pearl Harbor.

The 5-4 margin by the Norwin School Board to restrict the 10-minute CNN broadcast during homeroom, while 4 directors voted against getting rid of CNN.

The board agreed to allow instructors to use television to display special videos after an early resolution tried to ban all televisions during homeroom before school started.

To show you how liberal teachers are, over 30 teachers showed up to try to stop the ban of CNN 10 from classrooms in the school district. Yes, they want to indoctrinate your children America, and kudos to this school board for standing firm.

Thanks to our friends at Campus Front Lines for contributing to this article.

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