WATCH: Pelosi Violates Mask Mandate at Crowded DC Party ‘Rules for Thee, Not for Me’ (VIDEO)

The delusional Speaker of the House is at it again. Nancy Pelosi out violating mask mandates in Washington, D.C. and she could care less. Rules for thee, but not for me is in full effect America, are you paying attention yet?

The day after President Biden urged all Americans to wear masks indoors, like the idiot stick that he is, Pelosi was photographed unmasked at a packed indoor party in Washington, D.C.

The lovely event took place at the Museum of American History, where attendees ages two and oder are required to wear masks, Breitbart reported.

Congresman Thomas Massie (R-KY), who is suing Pelosi for punishing him and other colleagues in the House for not wearing a mask, hammered her on Twitter. “Rules for thee, not for me.”

Here’s Pelosi fist bumping a poor lad in a video.

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