Pelosi Tried To Sneak In $300 MILLION For PBS In Coronavirus Bill

A number of controversial provisions have been revealed from the newly released emergency coronavirus stimulus bill that was introduced by Nancy Pelosi earlier this week, and they only seem to keep getting worse and worse. 

Democrats in the Senate blocked debate on the bill three times in the chamber following days of negotiation on the legislation, and they have been going about with attempts to subvert the bill with a wide range of questionable requests ever since.

Individuals began calling out Speaker Pelosi almost immediately after she introduced the bill, which included additions of mandates for airlines’ carbon emissions, required corporate board diversity, and called for the cancellation of student loans, among many other things deemed acceptable by only Democrats. 

Now, as if the proposal couldn’t have seemed to get any worse, the 1,400+ page bill was found to have a whopping $300 million directed for PBS.

Check out what Scott Walker tweeted below:

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