Pelosi Says Biden Is ‘Perfect’ and ‘Knows His Foreign Policy’ While Trotting Around Europe

In one of the most bizarre and idiotic tours by an American Speaker of the House in United States history, Nancy Pelosi continues to spew idiocy while in Europe for the upcoming G7.

While being interviewed by a dude who looks like he’ll be case as the next Harry Potter in the franchise, Pelosi said the unthinkable to Americans paying attention as Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a abysmal 42%.

Despite the debacle in Afghanistan, France now leading in the Middle East militarily, and pulling their ambassadors from Washington, D.C. Pelosi says that Biden is “Perfect” and “Knows his Foreign Policy.”

Really Nancy? How much did you have to drink already?

Watch the mind numbing interview below.

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Lyle Emmons
Lyle Emmons
1 year ago

she is an idiot