Pelosi Calls For Schools To Stay Closed; Accuses Trump Of ‘Messing With The Health Of Our Children’

There may be a level to which top Democrat Nancy Pelosi will not stoop to but it is not yet clear as to what that may be. 

In one of her most cynical and shameless statements ever, the spiteful speaker is now using the nation’s children as human shields as she pushes for schools to remain closed now that the country is on the brink of another lockdown.

Pelosi appeared on CNN’s “State Of The Union” on Sunday morning where she slammed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and served up a generous helping of fearmongering to accuse President Trump of putting the children’s lives in danger if schools reopen. 

The president has been adamant that schools need to reopen but Democrats and their media mouthpieces are manning the ramparts to prevent even the smallest semblance of a return to semi-normalcy. 

Via The Hill, “Pelosi says Trump administration is ‘messing with the health of our children'”:   

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) on Sunday condemned President Trump and his administration’s push for schools to reopen in the fall despite rising coronavirus cases across some parts of the country.  

“This is appalling. … The president and his administration, are messing with the health of our children. We all want our children to go back to school, teachers do, parents do and children do, but they must go back safely,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” 

Pelosi also called Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s comments from earlier on CNN “malfeasance” and “dereliction of duty.” 

Sadly, this is the state of American politics and Pelosi’s hatred for Trump burns so hot that the harm done to the nation’s children by hindering their educational and social development is collateral damage in her pursuit of total political power. 

Secretary DeVos appeared on a competing television network where she chatted with Fox News host Chris Wallace and emphasized the importance for kids to get back into a classroom setting. 

Via Fox News, “DeVos vows to have schools open in fall: ‘Kids have got to get back to school'”:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Sunday that she intends to have American schools open for in-person classes this fall, and insisted that this can be done safely despite concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

“Parents are expecting that this fall their kids are going to have a full-time experience with their learning, and we need to follow through on that promise,” DeVos told “Fox News Sunday,” stressing that “kids cannot afford to not continue learning.”

DeVos said it is “not a matter of if” this happens, but “a matter of how.”

The secretary hold host Chris Wallace that “the CDC never recommended that schools close in the first place,” but she did note that there can be exceptions in areas that are coronavirus hot spots.

“Where there are hot spots in the future, in the fall, of course that has to be dealt with differently,” she said.

DeVos said that students have suffered from not being in a classroom environment this past spring, and that schools should have the ability to help them catch up in the fall.

“They’ve fallen behind this spring, we need to ensure they’re back in a classroom situation wherever possible and whenever possible, and fully functioning, fully learning,” she said.

To Pelosi, this is all just a sick game and the nation’s children are helpless pawns in it. 

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