Peaceful Protesters Torch Car Dealership In Kenosha, Wisconsin

Via The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

According to a Facebook livestream by Mercado Media, police shortly before 1 a.m. were asking for voluntary cooperation to disperse the area and leave the park.

“This is an unlawful assembly. Please leave the area,” police could be heard telling the crowd as gas canisters were fired their way.

At 1:21, police formed a riot line and began moving into the park across the street from the courthouse. A few minutes later, a firework went off in the crowd.

People continued to move through the city. Before 2:30 a.m., the livestream showed a truck had been set on fire in the parking lot of a  car dealership on Sheridan Road, a few blocks from the courthouse.

Other cars were set on fire and occasional pops and explosions were heard as the fire burned through the lot, sending plumes of smoke into the sky. A fire truck arrived around 2:50 a.m. to begin extinguishing the blaze.

A little after 3 a.m., the fire had spread to the Bradford Community Church, the marquee of which had read Black Lives Matter before being incinerated. The men livestreaming attempted to alert anyone inside the building but received no response, then tried to smother some of the flames using shoves while flagging down a lone fire truck that had arrived near the car dealership. 

A police officer was also hit in the head by a brick according to reports. 

More scenes of the carnage in Kenosha:

You can see more of the insane carnage from our friends at Trending Politics.

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