Patriots Publicly Confront Corrupt Nevada Governor For Trampling Their Rights

Yesterday, Patriot Justin Andersch the host of Cannabis and Combat and others ran into corrupt Governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak at a restaurant….and they let him know exactly how they felt about the trampling of their constitutional rights the last 2 years.

Naturally, the leftist local news stations (even the local FOX channel here leans left) painted this verbal confrontation as “violent” “racist” and “anti-Semitic” even though nothing is ever said of the sort. Michael McDonald another disgustingly corrupt RINO in Nevada, stated to our fake FOX news station, that Sisolak should not have been bothered while sitting down with his family….which absolutely is not what happened at all either. You see…at the start of lockdowns, Steve Sisolak granted himself “emergency powers” to illegally suspend the constitutional rights of the people, and then hid behind virtual town halls to avoid a very angry public about it. He absolutely had no right to do any of the things he did, but with 4 time arrested attorney general Aaron Ford (who does more to help criminals than anyone else) who in the state is going to do anything about it? Pretty much everything Gavin Newsom did in California did…Sisolak repeated in Nevada. From restricting life saving medications while hoarding it for himself in the prisons, closing churches, restricting small business while allowing large box stores to flourish, allowing companies to illegally mandate vaccines, mandating masks even for school children, buying 2 private nets on the tax payers dime in the middle of an economic crisis he caused, doling out a million dollars of our much needed tax money as a raffle prize to some random dude for getting the jab, to even legalizing giving someone HIV on purpose….which I’d still like to know the unholy reason for. Justin Andersch also mentions the DUI many suspect Sisolak committed during a car accident he caused…but was not sobriety tested for despite appearing heavily impaired on police body cam. Sisolak is also supposed to be getting investigated for campaign finance fraud…but alas, the Secretary of State (and his close friend) Barbara Cegavske has yet to lift a finger about it. She’s the same broad that admitted there was election fraud…but that it’s not “widespread” enough for her to care about even though thousands of notarized affidavits flooded her office demanding a state-wide election audit per our state constitutional right to one.

Given the amount of lives he destroyed from small businesses to soaring teen suicide rates, I’m actually surprised him getting yelled at doesn’t happen more often. It was only last month or two, that I confronted Sisolak myself at a rare public press conference over the forced vaccinations and mandates occurring across the state…

Funny how Maxine Waters can publicly encourage people to harass Trump supporters, but calling a Democrat Governor a piece of shit for ruining the state is tantamount to “a crime.” Sisolak is also the same guy that used the tragedy of the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre to push his face in front of the cameras to win Governor, and then ran off with the $32 million dollars that was raised without a shred of accountability or explanation.

You can support Jason at his press release tmw February 29 at 1:30pm, 808 south 7th St, Las Vegas NV.

If you’d like to tell the Governor how you feel about this: Governor’s Office: 775-684-5670

You can learn more about Sisolak’s corruption in this 2 hour documentary about how the Vegas Shooting was shamelessly (and poorly) covered up to protect the casinos and the FBI:

Censorship is rampant, follow me on GAB @AmericanAFMindy and vote Joey Gilbert for Governor, literally the only guy that’s actually been fighting for our rights this whole time.

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Cynthia Carriere
Cynthia Carriere
8 months ago

I like your story and how it was written. Just an FYI, it is not leap year…there is no Feb 29th today, its the 1sr of March

8 months ago

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