Patriot’s Guide to the Best “America First” Primary Candidates in Nevada

I’ve spent a lot of time the last few years fighting and exposing the status quo corruption here in Nevada, and now that mail-in ballots are here (much against our will thanks to the aforementioned status quo corruption) people are asking me “who I think the best America First conservative candidates are for this primary?”

Now it’s just a primary election, so don’t freak out if you don’t see a certain seat recommendation or candidate you already know is good, primaries don’t include everything you’ll see in the general. All the good pro-Constitution Libertarians are already on the general ticket, so I’m not forgetting them either because we’ll see them on the ballot in November (including me for AD 35 Southern Highlands/Mountain’s Edge.) There will be Libertarian candidates that are far superior choices for Nevada than what the GOP is running, and I pray you give them a chance to show you that they can do all the things the GOP always promises…but never does when it comes to actually lowering taxes, ending foreign wars, restricting government overreach, and protecting individual liberties.

As we’ve learned, Nevada has a huge RINO problem, so voting down party lines can be damaging for Republicans come November. I never once saw a single elected official by my side fighting for our rights at any of the rallies…and I haven’t forgotten that. I am well aware that the only way to fix this state is if pro-freedom, small government, anti-establishment, anti-corruption, anti-government waste spending constitutionalists and patriots stick together and cross party lines to make sure that the best possible candidates win seats over the usual establishment lackies and lifetime status quo politicians. We’re going to have to work together on this if we want to take Nevada back from corruption. (I had to leave a few missing here because I either didn’t know the candidates well enough, they were all bad, or they were all equally the same. I checked the few people I would 100% personally vouch for and endorse.)

Candidate List:

• Governor: Joey Gilbert ✅

• SOS: Jim Marchant ✅

Attorney General: Sigal Chattah

Sheriff: Stan Hyt

CD3: Noah Malgeri

AD3: Jashue Lamack

AD8: Claudia Kintigh

AD9: John Gonzales

AD10: Sandy Hernandez

AD11: Esau Jones

AD13: Vem Miller

AD19: Gerald Swanson

AD21: John Petrick

AD23: Denise Ashurst

AD34: Mary Lim

AD35: (this is the seat I’m running for as Libertarian, I’m running against Tiffany Jones who is funded by Big Pharma, RINOs, and corporations. She’s literally done NOTHING politically to help since the last time she ran and lost.)

AD36: Matt Sadler

AD41: Paul Bodine

School Trustee D: Tavorra

School Trustee F: Erica Neely

School Trustee G: John “JC” Carlo ✅

It’s about time We the People take back this government, I hope to continue to have your support in this journey, I’m doing everything I can.

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John G Jackson
John G Jackson
15 days ago

I see your choice for AD 11, why?? the BEST Candidate is Bernadine ‘Lanihau’ Fernandez. She is Hawaiian & a real America 1st candidate. Jones is nowhere!!! Rethink your choice & thanx for Gilbert Endorsement!!