Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune Host has a Message for You about Voting

Wheel of Fortune Legendary Host Pat Sajak has a message for Americans.

Sajak, a known conservative makes a very good point here. If you have to have celebrities tell you to vote, or who to vote for, you probably shouldn’t vote. Uninformed Americans have done a lot of damage to our Republic over the last decade.

Liberals are unhinged and angry at everything happening in America. They’re mad about a booming economy, low unemployment, peace with North Korea, and on and on we go.

It seems that no matter what President Trump accomplishes, liberals will protest and riot against it. If you like the direction is going in, putting Americans first, then you vote for President Trump. However if you don’t, and you would like to see a failing economy and socialism, then well, you unfortunately know the other choice.

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