Pastor Sam Jones: What You Must Believe In Order For Religious Exemptions to Work Against the Vaccine Mandates

In response to the widespread vaccine mandates being implemented across America, many have been turning to religious exemptions in order to avoid getting the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine”. Pastor Sam Jones explains what you must believe in order for the most effective exemption to work.

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Pastor Sam Jones has been getting a lot of press, both positive and negative, for his stand against tyranny in the state of Iowa. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, he never closed his church. When the mask mandates dropped, he never complied. And now that vaccine mandates are being implemented, he’s now writing religious exemptions to counter the mandates.

Many freedom-loving Americans who have been voicing concerns and are refusing to get The Jab have been latching onto every opportunity and strategy they can find in order to avoid getting injected. Religious exemptions are one strategy that is proving to be quite effective.

However, there’s a problem: Many of those that are citing religious exemptions do not understand what they are claiming. They cite religious beliefs against the “vaccine”, but could not articulate their positions. Pastor Sam explains why it is so important to be consistent in your argumentation.

While most conservatives are latching onto the Project Veritas video exposing Pfizer of using aborted babies in the development of the vaccine as their religious objection to getting jabbed, Sam makes the argument that this is not the most effective or consistent argument to make.

First of all, we you must be consistent in your argumentation. Many businesses are attempting to catch Christians in a double standard to invalidate their exemption by demanding that they also refuse to take common over the counter drugs that have been tested with aborted baby parts. While this is a dishonest tactic, since the mRNA injections were developed using aborted babies while many over-the-counter drugs cited were simply tested on after developing them, it’s still a nuance that could thwart our attempts to receive an exemption.

Plus, the answer is much simpler than the fight over abortion, as important as that is.

Pastor Sam explains that the religious exemptions that he is writing for his congregation comes down to the authority that the government does and does not have. The Bible speaks about different spheres of government, including the family, church, local and national governments. Our Founding Fathers make the exact same argument.

What’s interesting about this is that in both instances of the Bible and our Founders, the priority goes to the smallest form of government: The individual and family. The government does not have the authority, either from a Biblical or a Constitutional perspective to dictate your medical care.

As Christians, we reject this. Using a combination of Romans 13 and Daniel 1, Sam explains the limitations of government in the Bible, and then compares this with the Constitution of the United States of America. Essentially, the argument for Pastor Sam’s religious exemption is in the Christian’s view of the role of government and who has authority over what behavior.

Romans 13 tells us the role of the government, which was established by God. It is to protect its citizens and to reward good and punish evil. The Constitution further implements this view with the Amendments which specifically restrict the government to the role of national defense, settling matters between states and protecting the rights given to us by God. Nowhere in either Scripture or the Constitution does it give the government the authority to make medical decision and force anyone to get injected with a substance of any kind for any reason.

This simply comes down to authority. Christians who believe in God’s Word do not believe that the American government has the authority to usurp the individual, family or church governments in this decision.

It is important that you understand the arguments being made here so that you can be intellectually honest and consistent when you claim a religious exemption. Pastor Sam Jones is one of the best at articulating the Scriptural understanding of this important issue and has written many exemptions for people across the country. There have been several instances of them being enforced and protecting Christians who are compelled to remained unvaccinated.

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