Pastor Sam Jones: America Has Fallen… And There’s Only One Way To Make America Great Again

As we all remember, Donald Trump’s slogan was Make America Great Again. It’s clear for anyone to see that America has been taken over by Leftists that hate this country. However, the real reason that America has fallen has more to do with the root problem of our society. Pastor Sam Jones shares that we only have one pathway back to the America that we know and love.

President Donald Trump inspired American Conservatives to Make America Great Again. For President Trump, that meant having a better economy, preserving freedom and having an America First foreign policy. For Pastor Sam Jones and I, we have a bit of a different approach.

Before we get to how we can actually Make America Great Again, we first have to understand the problem and how we got here. The simply answer is that we’ve turned out back on God. The more complicated answer is how exactly we did that.

The Progressive Movement has spent decades infiltrating into every aspect of American live. We’ve seen the Left hijack Hollywood, education, news media, business, Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, politics, technology and even the churches. They literally control every possible form of influence in America. And now they are using it brainwash our nation.

It’s clear to see that the Democrats and the Left are blatantly anti-God and a movement rooted in atheism. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, if you eliminate God from society, you take away the moral compass of that nation. That’s exactly what we’ve seen here in America.

Our society now openly embraces transgenderism, homosexuality, the murder of babies, racism in the form of Critical Race Theory, covetousness in the form of socialism and redistribution of wealth… and everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

The other purpose is to take away our Constitutional Rights. Think about it… the Founding Fathers recognized that simply by being created in the image of God, we are given certain inalienable rights that are given to us by God, Himself. The government does not have the authority to take those away.

However, if you deny the existence of God, you deny the rights-giver. That means that if God did not give us our rights, they are able to be taken away by the government. That’s the strategic play by the Democrat Party.
So where do we go from here? How do we save America?

First, we have to recognize that if America is going to be saved, it’s going to be through the work of God. We, as Christians and Conservatives, can do our part and allow God to work through us.

Pastor Sam broke down how America can be saved, and it starts with repentance and following after Christ. As a nation, we must repent of the millions of babies murdered every year. We must refocus our attention on having strong families. We must have strong Biblical preaching from the pulpits. But most of all, we must turn back to God.
Our nation was once great because we were a Christian nation. That is simply not true anymore.

Saturday’s America Has Fallen online conference will cover this in depth. Featuring speakers Pastor Brian Gibson, Matt Couch, Dr Mike Spaulding, Pastor Sam Jones, Pastor Micah Sample, Schumann and myself, we’ll help you to understand how we got to this point as a nation, and close out with marching orders to take steps to Make America Great Again.

Register for the America Has Fallen online conference using either code JEFF5 or SAM5 for $5 off admission. Click here to register.


America Has Fallen will be an online conference live-streaming on Saturday at 11am PT. Register for this event today! Admission is $15 for the conference, and then $35 if you’d like to also order 5 Steps to Kill a Nation. Use code JEFF5 for $5 off.

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