Pastor John MacArthur Warns Biden to ‘Be Careful When You Put Your Hand on the Word of God’

A prominent pastor in the United States is sending a warning to newly sworn in President Joe Biden, do not mock God.

Sunday, pastor and teacher John MacArthur of Grace Community Church offered a very stern warning to Biden after last week’s inauguration.

The warning was simple. Be very careful placing your hand on the Bible while pledging “to do the very things that blaspheme HIS name.”

“You can say whatever you want to say,” he began “but when you touch the ark, when you place your hand on the throne of God, because God is enthroned in His Word, and you place your hand on the Word of God and pledge to do the very things that blaspheme His name.”

“God doesn’t want your respect, He wants your obedience”, MacArthur asserted. 

“Don’t tell me you advocate for the slaughter of babies in the womb,” he continued. “Don’t tell me you want to destroy masculinity, femininity, marriage. Don’t tell me you want to fill the world with LGBTQ people in leadership, you want to justify transgender activity. Don’t tell me you want to invite more Muslims in who represent a religion from Hell and then put your hand on the throne of God.”

MacArthur has been the pastor for the Los Angeles based church since 1969, and made headlines last year for defying the state’s Draconian COVID orders.

We need more pastors like this in America, standing up for what’s right, and saying what’s right. Even if it hurts a few feelings.

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Jeanne Schulze
Jeanne Schulze
1 year ago

Rock solid truth. John MacArthur is upholding truth.

John Day
John Day
1 year ago

We live at the end of the Laodician church age.
We live in the shadow of the tribulation.
Times like NOW are to be embraced by Christians as HIS return is imminent. Of course John & Paul thought the same some 2000 years ago.


11b – recoil is reassuring to some
amen selah