Pastor Brian Gibson Discusses the Latest Polling on Religious Freedom in America

Pastor Brian Gibson, Founder of Peaceably Gather, talks with Real America’s Voice host David Brody about the latest polling on Religious Freedom in America.

“I think if a committee should investigate on what happened on January 6, perhaps they should investigate Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police on what actually happened up there.”

A new poll shows that 82% of Americans say freedom of religion is important to healthy American society, only 9% say it is not important.

Ony 20% of Americans say churches and faith-based charities should be required by law to hire people who oppose their religious beliefs. Which is insane by the way. Why would you hire people in a church that don’t believe in Jesus? What, what?

Pastor Gibson addresses these issues below.

“The ruling case is so out of touch with the average American, most Americans understand that this nation has been built on religious freedom, and your right to worship as you choose to worship”, Gibson stated.

Watch the full interview below.

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Diane B Gittin
Diane B Gittin
1 year ago

The ruling case? He actually said “the ruling caste.”