Pastor Brian Gibson Addresses Joe Biden’s Godless National Day of Prayer Proclamation

Pastor Brian Gibson joined David Brody of Real America’s Voice to address the Biden Administration’s ability to put forth a Godless National Day of Prayer Proclamation. Can anyone honestly say they are shocked by this at this point?

For those that don’t know, as reported here earlier at The DC Patriot, President Joe Biden wrote a National Day of Prayer proclamation, and didn’t even mention God. Yes, you read that right, and you can’t make this up America.

Pastor Brian Gibson appearing on Real America’s Voice with host David Brody hammered Biden and his administration as well as secular Democrats.

Pastor Brian Gibson: “Well it doesn’t shock me at all that the name of the Lord, or Jesus, or God wasn’t included in this proclamation, but Climate Change was.”

He’s right, why would Climate Change be mentioned when it comes to a National Day of Prayer?

Gibson continues… referencing Genesis and the Democrats plan.

“Instead of worshipping father God, they want you to worship Mother Earth.”

David Brody agrees with Pastor Gibson, “Everything is cloaked in social justice, it’s like that is their gospel, it’s like they have a cherry picking god of some sort, Mother Earth god, that’s what they do.”

Gibson’s response is perfect, and is exactly what the majority of Christian conservatives in America are thinking.

“This is not Christianity, this is more woke Trojan horse trying to redefine what the faith has been for 2,000 years.”

Watch the full interview below, it’s fantastic and destroys the Democrats narrative and woke culture.

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