Parts of FBI Interview with General Flynn Released

Monday The Department of Justice released a January 2017 FBI Memo detailing the FBI’s interview with then National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn. 

This move by the Justice Department comes after Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the material is “relevant” to Flynn’s sentencing. Flynn’s sentencing is set to take place on Tuesday morning in Federal Court in Washington, D.C. 

Last year Flynn plead guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding his conversations in late 2016 with then Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak. 

Mueller last Friday submitted 302’s that were 176 days old, and not the original 302’s from January. Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan has demanded those be to him by tonight. 

Mueller even gave the Federal Judge a redacted copy of the interview. 

Flynn’s attorneys complained that the FBI agents who questioned him couldn’t tell him that lying to the FBI was a crime. 

“Nothing about the way the interview was arranged or conducted caused the defendant to make false statements to the FBI on January 24,” the special counsel wrote in its response on Friday. 

“A sitting National Security Advisor, former head of an intelligence agency, retired Lieutenant General, and 33-year veteran of the armed forces knows he should not lie to federal agents. He does not need to be warned it is a crime to lie to federal agents to know the importance of telling them the truth,” the memo said.

You can review the documents HERE

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