Park Employees Uphold Illegal Mandate Against Governor’s Orders

On April 3, 2020, Steve Daniels the chairman of the Arizona Patriot Party, got into a confrontation with park workers and the Phoenix police, over an unconstitutional city mandate that conflicted with Governor Ducey’s recent declaration that no mandates could be enforced that conflicted with his.

You can watch the entire interaction here:

Without being about to quote which law or ordinance they were upholding (likely because there was none) two city employees at Roadrunner Park then lied on Daniels to police, claiming he had threatened them and drove over the grass (despite the fact he had a body cam on the entire time to prove he hadn’t) and demanded he receive trespassing charges from all parks indefinitely.

Ultimately, he was trespassed just for the day, likely because they’d have been in even more trouble had this continued to play out.

The Patriot Party is an independent state by state movement to uphold the constitutional rights and freedoms of American citizens, and to restore the integrity and transparency of our elections. More information about the Arizona Patriot Party can be found here:

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This is how we take back America.