PANIC IN DC: General Flynn Withdraws Plea Deal, Ready to FIGHT!

Late on Tuesday evening, the attorney for General Flynn Sidney Powell announced that she had filed papers to withdraw the plea deal for General Michael Flynn because the government had breached it’s agreement.

Here is the full letter of withdraw:

As you can see, the DOJ’s case against General Flynn doesn’t add up.

These parts are very important – the DOJ’s allegations of guilt don’t match up to the record.

The following is from Techno Fog, a legal beagle known for breaking down documents and putting together some amazing threads on Twitter.

You can read the full motion to withdraw General Flynn’s guilty plea below.

They’ve even redlined out the Statement of Offense.

This is not the path that those trying to frame General Flynn expected this case to go. They got greedy, they wanted to make an example out of him for what he knew. Lady Justice has made a u-turn.

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