Pac-12 CAVES, Will Play 7-Game Football Season Starting in November

And then there were none. As in none not playing college football. With an effort that started two weeks ago by President Trump himself to get the Big Ten to play, it looks as though now the Pac-12 will follow suit with a 7-game season starting in November according to ESPN.

The league says that the seven-game conference football season will start on November 6, the league announced on Thursday.

The decision was voted on by the Pac-12’s CEO group Thursday, represents a massive reversal after the conference announced in early August that it would postpone all sports until January 1. They cited health concerns and the coronavirus pandemic.

Also with the release, The Pac-12 has said the Men’s and Women’s basketball season can begin on Nov 25. Huge news for a league that wasn’t going to play until 2021.

One has to wonder, how much did the pressure by the President have to do with this decision? I’ll bet a lot!

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