OXYMORON: Woke Saturday Night Live Comedians Attack Elon Musk on Bid for Twitter and Free Speech (VIDEO)

The hosts of “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live Colin Jost and Michael Che took aim at making fun of Elon Musk on SNL last night, because of Musk wanting to buy Twitter to implement free speech.

Imagine making fun of someone fighting for free speech when you make your living because of free speech. It’s unbelievable the hypocrisy and ignorance of the radical left.

“That’s how badly White guys want to use the N-word,” said Che.

Really? Must has never spouted anything out about race, employs hundreds of thousands around the globe, and has founded companies like PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX. So now he’s racist because he wants Twitter to stop censoring free speech?

Jost followed by wondering why Musk wanted to buy Twitter. “It used to be something that seemed important and even fun and now you look at it as confusing and depressing, it’s the Giuliani of apps.”

“And come on, Elon built electric cars, he’s going to Mars, why is he even involving himself with Twitter?” Jost added. “It would be like if the Prince of England gave it all up just to marry an actor from Suits.” Referring to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In the show’s opening sketch, cast member Mikey Day as Musk said he was making a bid to buy Easter, “offering 43 billion PEEPS.”

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