Over 4,000 National Guard troops headed to the United States / Mexico border


As President Trump stated, and with more Governors coming on board, more than 4,000 United States Guardsmen are headed to the border. Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress and Senate continue to fail to listen to the American People. Polls on both sides of the political aisle show that both sides want border security.

President Trump is using what powers he can to keep his promise to the American people. The guardsmen will come from States like Arkansas, Texas, South Carolina, and others. Texas sending 250 Troops and another 150 troops from Arizona. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis approved the financial memo to authorize payment for the guardsmen.

Will the lack of voting for border security cause a riff in the 2018 Mid Terms in border states? We’ll know in a few short months, but we believe that answer is a resounding yes.


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