Over 2k Firearms stolen from #LasVegas Gun Store – Why wont the #FBI & #ATF Investigate? #FastAndFurious

Fast & Furious Whistleblower Series: Part One


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there…

        It’s an explosive claim, it’s being made out in the open for all to see & hear and it has been happening for over a year:  Wesley & Mark Felix have been blowing the whistle (podcast here) on what they unconditionally claim is an extension of “Fast & Furious”, the infamous gun-walking operation that was conducted in Arizona.  Readily available & willing to engage with anyone whom will listen, Wesley Felix has been making his case on both Facebook and twitter (@wesleyfelixpsi).

The analogy of the tree falling in the forest isn’t fair – the problem isn’t the lack of people, it’s that no one is listening!  Perhaps this is a better fit:

A lot of people — some, very important — were all standing

around a single (GIGANTIC) tree as it crashed to the ground.

Evidence shows they were all watching & each capable of hearing,

but did the tree make any noise?

This case is unique by the sheer amount of evidence that Mark & Wesley have in their possession and are ready/willing to provide – don’t take their word for it, they have documents to show, court cases to research & audio/video & photographs that (by any reasonable measure) validates most of their claims.

Their claims are as complicated as they are lengthy:

  • Over 2000 firearms were stolen from National Survival Store in Las Vegas, NV
  • The store was owned & operated by Mark Edward Felix (and family)
  • The theft was designed & executed with knowledge & consent of Federal Officials
  • … and much more (that we’ll get into later)

They wear their frustrations on their shirt sleeves and who could blame them?  They are begging for an investigation into what appears to be a massive conspiracy, committed under the color of authority, and their measurable gains towards those ends are few.  They have held meetings with Congressmen & their staff(s); briefed large-media personalities.  Their hope, of course, is that with the horsepower of the latter they’ll create the political will necessary for action from the former, whom have done little to address their concerns.

If the lack of media attention to these claims is alarming – and for us it was, at least initially – the lack of push from official channels is something worse.  While the perception that “… this has happened before” has inherent challenges at gaining media attention, the same cannot be said about gaining traction with those in Law Enforcement & Congress!


CBS Photo

        It is well established that firearms connected to Operation Fast & Furious were recovered at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder.  It is undeniable that similar operations were carried out in different locations, under different names.  It was long ago reported, by Sharyl Attkisson and others, that it went so far as “Grenade Walking”.  It’s not like there isn’t basis to take Wesley & Mark’s claims seriously – it’s more like… casting them to the side is gross negligence, or cover-up!

If a tree falls in the forest and people refuse to listen, what

does that mean for the folks that are missing over

2,000 firearms from their Las Vegas gun store? 

What does it mean for the victims of violence that these

guns have been used against?

Consider (for a moment) that 53 people were murdered & 851 injured in Las Vegas just 15 months ago!  Add in the reports that 50-60 of the Las Vegas Massacre survivors were present at the “country bar” shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA last month.  As the picture forms, compound factor the effects of a media & political class that appear dead-set on eliminating (or restricting) 2nd Amendment rights!

To the Felix Family, silence regarding this scandal is salt on an open wound — there is MORE than enough reason to investigate and report this story!  

Mark Felix, having since moved in with Wesley in New York, were very proactive in their determination to have this episode investigated — they contacted & went directly to various Federal Agencies… and even Congressman.  One of them, and we assure you there are many others, was NY 4th District Representative Kathleen Rice, who’s House[dot]gov webpage includes the following:


Image from Rep. Rice’s Website

Note: Minor Editing was performed

The initial response from Rep. Rice’s office was uplifting for Wesley & Mark — her office sent a letter to the FBI requesting an investigation into Mark’s claims.  Specifically, they requested an investigation into “forged checks” that indicate National Survival Store’s corporate checking account was fraudulently used for illegal firearms transactions (… much more on this later).  Whatever momentum they gained evaporated with the FBI’s refusal to investigate.  Rep. Rice’s office was unwilling to pursue further efforts.


Copy of Fraudulent Bank Transfer Documents

Though Wesley & Mark have their political leanings, the evidence demonstrates that they have pursued both sides of the isle in their calls to investigate their claims.  Their disappointment in Republicans stings even more; they hoped for more support from the Republicans, having initiated & lead the “Fast & Furious” investigations in Congress.  Of course, there still is little resolve seen — at least, that “Main Street” is able to see — as there has been little to show for it in terms of prosecutions.

Here is an audio clip, provided by Wesley Felix, of the response he received when he attempted to follow up on Rep. Rice’s efforts:

While Wesley & Mark are unabashedly “MAGA”, this isn’t about politics… and it shouldn’t be — Rep. Rice is hardly the only audio file they have (and will release) — but we chose to release this one for several reasons:

  • Rep. Kathleen Rice is their Congressman
  • As her website notes, she is a “… Career Prosecutor”
  • She claims she is tough on gun crimes — it is time for her to prove it!

Indeed, Wesley & Mark have contacted MANY members of the House & Senate, with nothing to show for it.  Additionally, they have filed “Whistleblower” complaints through various agencies, filed reports at various levels of jurisdictions — they have tracked their efforts with precision!

There simply isn’t a way for people to back-track — what we are showing doesn’t even begin to approach the scale of evidence in their possession!  It is no exaggeration to note that those whom are “all hat and no cattle” can be skewered by their evidence!


Copy of report submitted to LVPD

It might feel lonely for Wesley or Mark, having the evidence and begging people to listen, if not for the others feeling the same way.  When we first met Wesley Felix, fighting this battle on his own, I was as equally cautious about the evidence he put forward as about providing any sense of hope that we could help.  For the sake of context, media was moving on from reporting “two scoops of ice cream” and building their long-term domicile in “Russia Collusion”.

What he truly needed was Andrew Breitbart — not America First Media Group (AFMG)!

But since then, while we continued to investigate in the background, Wesley & Mark Felix became united with other Whistleblowers — people with their own unique tragedy — all around the same nexus:  Fast & Furious!

The group shares information & supports each other through ups & downs, on their group quest towards justice — we will be telling their stories as well.  Additional members include, but certainly aren’t limited to, folks that AFMG have had on recently for podcasts.

  • Col. Matt Smith-Meck
    • Retired Marine, early Whistleblower that offers unique insight on how this scandal includes concerns at Department of Defense
    • Listen to Podcast here
    • Follow on Twitter @MSMeck4
  • Dawn Hobson
    • Mother of US Border Patrol (BORTAC) Agent William “Neil” Anderson, whom was friends with murdered Agent Brian Terry
    • Neil suffered a very suspicious death that was determined “accidental overdose”
    • Listen to Podcast here
    • Follow on Twitter @KimberlyDawnHo2

Some people were there when the GIANT tree crashed to

the ground — others saw video/audio.  The tree made a massive

noise and it’s ridiculous to say otherwise!

The whole thing is documented — Wesley & Mark have EVERYTHING!  This is the first of several parts of this “Whistleblower Series” that revolves around “gun walking” scandals!  We’ll share the evidence & shine light into the cracks & crevices where bad actors hide — we have investigated these cases FOR MONTHS!

AFMG truly hopes that other (LARGER) outlets will jump on board and cover these important scandals — we have already (and will continue to work with) various outlets by sharing info.  These are not stories we hope to contain in a vacuum; we’ll work with outlets that want to cover it!

Conversely, we are going to be hard on the large outlets that refuse to cover it — even if we like those outlets — because if Big Media won’t cover scandals of this magnitude… we have no other choice.

There will only ever be one Andrew Breitbart, or Matt Drudge, but we grew up in a generation that studied these pioneers.  And with that, we’ll remind Big Media of a lesson they have clearly forgotten:


Matt Drudge didn’t become the most powerful figure in “News” by breaking the “Monica Lewinsky Scandal” — he became the most powerful figure in “News” by reporting that Big Media had the story and SAT ON IT!

To be continued…

Note:  We were late to reach out to Representative Kathleen Rice’s office – if we get a response we’ll update this post.

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