Over 1600 Illegal Immigrants Crossed U.S. Southern Border Last Weekend and Are Now Roaming West Texas

Sector Border Patrol officials in Del Rio, Texas reported that 4,700 migrants illegally crossed into Texas over the past weekend and, of those at least 1,600 “got away” with out being apprehended.

Chief Patrol Agent of the Del Rio Sector, Jason D. Owens tweeted a video in which he reported that his agents apprehended 3,133 migrants over the weekend. An additional 1,614 migrants are classified as “got aways.” The term “got aways” is used by Border Patrol officials to estimate the number of migrants who cross without being apprehended. They include migrants observed on patrol or by surveillance technology but manage to escape, or agents are not able to get to because of other assignments, including the processing of large migrant groups.

In addition, Del Rio Sector agents rescued 11 migrants, that include seven migrants rescued by BORSTAR Border Patrol agents early Saturday morning, Breitbart Texas reported.

Not all migrants are as lucky as these 7, as earlier last week, Breitbart Texas reported that Del Rio Sector agents found the bodies of three migrants. Two of them had drowned and the third was found on a ranch near Uvalde, Texas.

According to agents, Border Patrol agents has rescued more than 10,500 migrants along the southwest border with Mexico through April 30, this year.  This compares to 12,833 for the entire fiscal year 2021. During fiscal year 2020, 5,071 migrants were rescued, and in fiscal year 2019, 4,920 were rescued.

Chief Owens reported four more deaths over the past weekend, two from drowning and two others found dead on interior ranches miles from the border.

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Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers
1 year ago

Time to Mount ” Mini Guns ” on towers along border … signs out ” Warning ! You cross Here, You Die ! ” .. that should slow down the massive invasion of the STUPIDS !!!