OUSTED: Oliver North Gone as NRA Leadership Fights in Public

As a card carrying member of the NRA, I can truly tell you that this really appalls me.

Apparently Oliver North is claiming that funds were not being used appropriately and wanted the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre to resign.

LaPierre of course says that Oliver North, the President of the NRA was trying to extort him into leaving the group.

National Rifle Association President Oliver North told NRA members on Saturday he will not be renominated president of the group following a dispute with its CEO Wayne LaPierre.

The announcement was made in a letter read Saturday during the NRA convention being held in Indianapolis, NRA officials confirmed to CNN.

North said in the letter that he hoped he would be renominated for a second term but, “I am now informed that will not happen,” according to a video of the letter being read. There was a vote scheduled for Sunday to choose the president.

But on Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported that LaPierre told the NRA’s board that he had refused a demand by North to step down and accused the NRA president of trying to extort him.

According to the Journal, North told the board that he was forming a crisis committee to look at the organization’s finances and had told the board’s executive committee that LaPierre charged more than $200,000 in wardrobe purchases to a vendor.

The dispute between LaPierre and North originated in part from a dispute between the NRA and contractor Ackerman McQueen Inc., an ad agency which runs NRATV, its online media service. That resulted in a lawsuit filed earlier this month by the NRA.

Just yesterday President Trump delivered a remarkable speech uniting Americans and NRA members across the country on defending the 2nd Amendment.

As an NRA member, I am appalled watching all of this unfold. My family has been NRA members for decades, and to air this publicly is an absolute embarrassment.

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you updated.

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