OUCH! Pompeo Slams Ilhan Omar in Interview

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped truth bombs on radical Islamic freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar on Thursday.

Omar, who’s made her short career out of attacking the Israeli people with hate filled Anti-Semitic remarks, definitely had this coming.

“To see this from a member of Congress like Congresswoman Omar, I talked about this being the dark rise of Antisemitism in the United States, in Europe and quite frankly all across the world to something that is deeply troubling.” -Secretary Pompeo

“To see someone, a duly elected congresswoman behave in that way, to speak about antisemitism in that way is of great concern, it’s of great concern to me.” Secretary Pompeo

“This administration speaks the truth, antisemitism is unacceptable in any form from anyone. but to see it come from one of America’s leaders is just appalling to me.” Secretary Pompeo

I hope that Ilhan Omar is ignorant enough to try to get into a debate with Secretary Pompeo. The former Congressman and CIA Director had the courage to go to North Korea for negotiations in the shroud of darkness. Knowing he could be captured, tortured, or even killed.

Let’s see her talk about his courage since he’s served in the military, and has an impeccable track record.

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