OUCH: Not Even Half of the Dem Party is “Enthusiastic” About Biden

Although former Vice President Joe Biden is rising in the polls, it appears that the Democratic party’s enthusiasm for him is not all that high.

According to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, 77% of Democratic voters think that Biden will win the nomination. Despite this high number, only 48% of voters said that they were enthusiastic about Biden being the nominee.

“Just 48% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters expressed enthusiasm about Biden as the nominee,” the Daily Wire reports. “Another 21% said they would be markedly upset. Given that Biden will be taking on an incumbent president, low enthusiasm (and nearly a quarter of voters outright opposed) could be damaging in battleground states where voter turnout will be a deciding factor. There will certainly be a decline if Sanders’ supporters boycott the Democrats’ nominee over charges of a “stolen” process.”

Check out what the Huffington post reported:

Sentiment about the candidates is divided sharply along generational lines: 62% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters aged 45 and older would be enthusiastic about Biden as the nominee, while just 28% under age 45 say the same. In contrast, 55% of those younger voters, but just 29% of the older group, would be enthusiastic about a Sanders nomination.

Similarly, 37% of those under 45, but just 9% of those 45 and older, would be upset if Biden won the nomination. If Sanders prevails, 34% of the older group would be upset, compared to 18% of those in the younger demographic.

About two-thirds of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they’re at least satisfied with the current field of candidates overall, with a quarter dissatisfied or worse.

Part of the reason why Biden’s enthusiasm levels among Democrat voters is low, may be because of his mental decline.

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