Oregon’s Republican Candidate for Governor Receives $1 Million Donation from Nike Founder and Oregon Native Billionaire Phil Knight

Oregon’s governor’s race is making national news after the failed Democrat leadership caused a huge backlash in avery liberal state.  

Nike co-founder Phil Knight, Oregon’s richest man has just donated $1 million to Republican Christine Drazan’s campaign ensuring that Drazan will have the funds she needs to fight Democrat Tina Kotek to the end. The last Republican to win the Oregon governor’s office was Vic Atiyeh in 1982, but this year the race is as close as it can be between Drazan and Kotek.

Previously, Knight had donated $3.75 million to Independent candidate Betsy Johnson, who is a former Democrat. But polls show Johnson is down double digits to the GOP candidate Drazan and the Democrat candidate Kotek, who are running neck to neck in the race. 

Hard to understand the co-founder of Nike donating to a Republican. Maybe he’s tired of the horrifying rise in crime in Portland, where murder rates jumped 207% from 2019-2021 thanks in part to lax progressive policies.

Not to mention that many reports have claimed police there are overwhelmed due in part to defunding the police efforts. Those efforts are, of course, spearheaded by those who share Nike’s ideology.

Maybe Knight has realized that the left is focused on empty buzzwords, obsessed with radical gender ideology, and that decades of Democratic leadership has obviously failed in his state. Whatever the reason, it’s encouraging and surprising that eve Phil Knight is willing to acknowledge it’s time to move on from what we know doesn’t work.

So, it is evident that Knight is moving his money in an effort to stop the Democrats from completely destroying the state.

Trey Rosser, Drazan’s campaign manager said, “Phil Knight is a pioneering and respected leader not just inOregon, but across the globe. It’s a tremendous honor to have his support as well as the support of so many Oregonians from across the state.”

KLCC radio in Eugene, Oregon reported, “Four recent polls all showed Drazan and Kotek in a statistical tie, with Drazan holding small leads that were within the margins of error.

Johnson trailed by double digits in each survey. Her presence in the race has been a puzzle to political observers, who wondered whether she would pull more from her former party or draw to Republicans tired of losing. With her candidacy looking increasingly like a long shot, some of that support may switch to the top two candidates.

“Phil Knight loves our state and like most Oregonians knows we need change from the failures of Kate Brown and Tina Kotek,” Jennifer Sitton, spokeswoman for Johnson’s campaign said.

Drazan has released a new ad that says, “Tina Kotek and Betsy Johnson have been driving Kate Brown’s agenda for years. They have led Oregon down the wrong path. Tina and Betsy haven’t fixed anything. In fact, they’ve made things worse.”

Continuing Drazan said, “We need a new direction. My roadmap for Oregon cleans up our streets, stops the tax increases, and makes life more affordable for Oregon families.”

Drazan concluded, “The stakes couldn’t be higher, but together we can do this.”

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