OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Fully Reopens State Economy

Common sense and logic are prevailing in one great American state, as Florida governor Ron DeSantis has fully opened the Florida economy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has moved to fully reopen his state’s economy. He signed an executive order on Friday to push Florida into “phase three” of its reopening plan.

The order will lift all restrictions on restaurants and allow bars, pubs and nightclubs that receive more than 50% of sales from alcohol to operate at full capacity with limited social distancing protocols.

Moving forward, DeSantis added local jurisdictions will need state approval to reimpose stricter protocols on businesses.

“The order I’m signing today will guarantee restaurants operate at a minimum of 50%, regardless of local rules,” he stated. “If a local restricts between 50% to 100%, they’ve got to provide the justification and identify what the costs involved in doing that are.”

Florida has confirmed nearly 700,000 cases and less than 14,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Florida has a very high elderly population known as Snow Birds in the state as well. These are folks that come to the state from northern states during the winter months.

My good friend Charles Payne weighed in with his thoughts on Twitter.

You can get more updates on this from our friends at OAN.

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