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OOPS: Rosie O’Donnell Deletes Trump Poll After She Loses BIGLY

The left are truly insufferable idiots did the most part.

One of the leaders of the village just happens to be Trump hating Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell thought she would create a poll to prove to her own idiocy that Americans hate the President and it backfired bigly.

Rosie posed the question “should Trump be impeached?”

58% said No, while only 42% said yes. I guess she missed the memo where the President has a 53% approval rating?

When will the Left learn, you’re not taking our President away over hurt feelings. Stop trying, you don’t win this fight against middle America no matter which way you try to go.

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1 year ago

Not very bright are you? It’s not as if Rosies stupid poll wasn’t brigaded by the likes of losers like you. ANY scientific poll by an independent organization shows people support impeachment every day you fool.

Emory Griffis
Emory Griffis
1 year ago

Why do imbeciles like Eddie ask if anyone is intelligent enough to disregard their idiocy? We all disregard him every time he opens his pie hole blabbering on about the entirety of things over his head. Speaking further of that fool Eddie, polls from the reputable organizations indicate the majority are against impeachment; that loser can’t get a fact straight even if his miserable life depended on it. Countdown to 3-2-1- and his wah-wah-whining attempt at a pathetic rebuttal.

1 year ago

Did you pass first grade?
I am dubious.

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