OOPS: LA Teachers Union Leaked Message Warns Members Not to “Post Pics from Spring Break” Because it Damages “In Person Instruction is Unsafe” Argument

The Los Angeles Teachers Union is under fire after their official Facebook Page shows them telling teachers to not post pictures from Spring Break. You know, because we couldn’t show you having a good time and enjoying life, we must keep up with the covid nonsense and mask insanity, right America?

A leaked picture that came from the Los Angeles Teachers Union Facebook page reportedly shows members warning each other not to post pictures from “Spring Break” because it damages the argument that “in person instruction is unsafe.”

“In a leaked post from a private Facebook group for UTLA union members only, teachers are warned not to post on social media if they go on spring break vacations because the optics would be bad for them while UTLA is refusing to return to ‘unsafe’ in-person schooling,” reports a journalist from Fox LA.

“Friendly reminder: If you are planning any trips for Spring Break, please keep that off social media. It is hard to argue that it is unsafe for in-person instruction if parents and the public see vacation photos,” writes one member of the group.

“We have a diverse membership and they are able to post their views on personal Facebook pages and in this Facebook group – however UTLA does not monitor nor is responsible for the content,” said a statement from the union.

Of course they’re not responsible, why would they be America? When have the Teachers Unions ever taken responsibility for what’s wrong with America? The Teachers Unions in America are the driving force behind the Cancel Culture movement in America. Prove me wrong!

Thanks to our friends at Hannity.com for contributing to this article.

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