OMG: John Cusack Posts RAGING Anti-Semitic Tweet

It’s well known that actor John Cusack is an anti-Trump advocate, who can’t keep his mouth from trashing the President. This time he may have went 3 miles past too far.

Cusack is getting roasted on Twitter, for posting a ragingly anti-Semitic tweet that he’s pathetically trying to defend somehow.

Cusack seen above made the Anti-Semitic tweet about how Israel was above criticism and how they controlled the world?

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are now allowed to criticize.” the tweet read. Cusack then added his own text of “Follow the money.”

Now imagine if you will, if a conservative actor like a Jon Voight or Bruce Willis had made this tweet? Would they still have a twitter account? Would they be the top story in the news?

Would they be torn apart, and sent packing like Roseanne? You bet your sweet ass they would.

So just like the radical Islamic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, it looks as though liberal Hollywood is now taking it’s attacks to the Jewish people.

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