OMG: Hunter Biden Accused of Identity Theft – Used His Dead Brother’s Identity to Make False Statements to Police

This is absolutely INSANE!

The Gateway Pundit is reporting the following:

Crackhead Hunter Biden is linked to a 2016 identity theft involving his dead brother Beau Biden and a person named “Joseph McGee.”

Beau Biden, the eldest of Joe Biden’s three children with his first wife, served as Delaware’s 44th Attorney General and passed away in January of 2015 of brain cancer.

According to newly submitted court documents in Hunter Biden’s paternity case with former stripper Lunden Roberts, Hunter used his deceased brother’s identity to check into a rehab facility and make false statements to the police.

Hunter Biden also “dated” his deceased brother’s wife before impregnating DC stripper Lunden Roberts — what a sick, sick, man!

Fox News reported that a private investigative firm submitted the two-page document titled, “Notice of Identity Theft” alleging there is a history of stolen identities in order to hide Hunter Biden’s location.

You can read more from The Gateway Pundit.

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